About us

We make the original sailor bracelet and have been making them continually since 1957.  Our sailor bracelet, specifically, was named the #1 Souvenir for Connecticut by Business Insider. We've been featured in hundreds of magazines and partner with gift shops around the country, including yours since you are reading this.

For that, I thank you.

Matt Beaudoin


I grew up tying knots.

My grandfather, Alton Beaudoin, opened our family knot shop in 1957 out of his house in Old Mystic, Connecticut. In 1996 he handed the business down to me and I continued catering to the faithful customers that I had known my whole life. 

In 2008 I left my corporate job after nine years to follow my passion and turn my grandfather's dream into a reality. I changed the name from Beaudoin's Rope Locker to Mystic Knotwork, as it is known today, and I launched the business online. 

We worked for eight years to rebuild the business from my house, through the Velvet Mill in Stonington, Connecticut, to opening to the public in Mystic. Our team expanded from my family to include artisans from diverse creative backgrounds. In early 2015, we found our workshop, a destination originally used for sail and rigging repair over 100 years ago and in Historic Downtown Mystic. When you step into the shop overlooking the Mystic River, you will see constant creation of the handmade knots in our store, as well as museum quality works that make up a part of my family's history.

Thank you for letting us do what we love, 

Matt Beaudoin 
Mystic Knotwork 
25 Cottrell St Mystic, CT 06355